We have always said that AVELINO VEGAS is a big family. To the blood ties join the ties of affection, esteem, time, effort, dedication … in joys and in difficult moments, which is where love is truly shown. The team of the winery is our second family. Many of them have been working with us since their youth, and their families have been incorporated into the team. They are people of the house, with whom we can always count, and they know that they will always count on us. The entire team of Avelino Vegas has paid tribute to Avelino Vegas with a very emotional gesture: a stone carved with a Seneca phrase and a reproduction of vintage scenes of the Romanesque capitals of Santa Maria will remain forever in the winery, remembering the affection of all workers for its founder. Avelino was a simple man, easygoing, generous and very emotional. Surely you will be proud and immensely grateful, as we are all the Vegas family.