“Corazón en boca” is the spectacular sculptural group created by the international artist Cristóbal Gabarrón that tributes the centenary of the birth of Avelino Vegas, founder of the family winery that bears his name.

Located in the outer space of the winery, the composition echoes in its structure and in its polychrome, the fighting and noble spirit of a great family that has managed to proudly collect and defend the legacy of their ancestors.

According to the author’s words, the sculpture is “a story about the color of the grapes, the smell of the vats and the honor of the hearts.” Each element has a meaning that connects the vineyard, the grapes and the winery with the heart and passion for the wine that has always characterized the Vegas family, who wanted to pay tribute to their father and founder by joining wine and art, as elements enrichment of the human being.

The artist Cristóbal Gabarrón has been requested by public and private organizations around the world to create art works for special occasions, such as the Mural for Barcelona 92 Olympic Games or the “Enlighted Universe” art work recently unveiled in New York to commemorate the 70th United Nations anniversary.