Nicte Prieto Picudo

In Avelino Vegas, we have elaborated only 6.000 bottles of this unique wine. From the variety Prieto Picudo, a very special grape, from a very special vineyard in León that we have combined with this unique design.

Avelino Vegas S.A. with principal elaboration in DO RUEDA and DO RIBERA DEL DUERO elaborates this special PRIETO PICUDO in the south of León. The 20 year old vineyard is unirrigated and planted in espalier. The soil here is loamy and clayish, tipical for this region. The climate is an extrem continental as it is in Rueda, Ribera del Duero and the whole Castilla and
Leon: with very hot summers and very cold winters. Warm days and cold nights.


Intense and beatifuk raspberry colour. Intense and clean aromas of red fruits (strawberry candy and raspberry) and rose petals. In the mouth it is fresh and full of red fruits and berries, well balanced acidity, slightly sweet.


Nicte Prieto Picudo pairs perfectly with:

Ideal as appetizer, good paring with every style of rice dishes, fish and seafood.

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