Condado de la Vega Crianza

D.O.C. Rioja

Grape Varieties: 80% Tempranillo,10% Garnacha, 5% Mazuelo,5% Graciano

After 20 days of temperature controlled maceration (28ºcelsius max.) in a stainless steel deposit, the wine is racked to a fermentation tank where it made the natural malolactic fermentation. Then, its clarified and decanted until it is completely cleaned. Months later it is introduced in barrels of american and french oak where it rests 8 more months. Subsequently the barrels are emptied, cleaned and filled again with the same wine to assure homogeneity. The ageing continued until summer when it is bottled.


Red rubi color with lime glints and pupple depth. Dry fruit flavors (prune and apricot) with balsamic connotations (cedar wood, vanillas). Full bodied wine enjoying excellent persistence of flavors thanks to its well polished tannins. Gorgeous lengthy finish.


Condado de la Vega Crianza pairs perfectly with:

Pastas, soups, vegetables, fishes. Red meats, lamb, pork and small game. Medium matured cheeses.

Condado de la Vega Wines

    • Crianza
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