Condado Real Tinto

Vino de Castilla y León

A wine made exclusively from Tempranillo grape variety that come from 12 years old vineyards. Exceptional good value for money.

The grapes that are used in the making of this wine are rigorously controlled following several parameters such: hygiene standards, quality, sugar content, total acidity and PH value. The youngest grapes are used to make this wine for their capacity to produce fruity aromas. The alcoholic fermentation takes place for 10 days at 25ºC, so that we get an aromatic and well structured wine.


Intense cherry red colour with violet tones, very clear and bright.
Intense and fresh aromas, red berry fruits combined with some spicy touch.
On the palate is powerful and soft at the same time, with very good tannins and full of nuances.


Condado Real Tinto pairs perfectly with:

Stews of meats, pâtés, and rice dishes. Ideal as aperitif.

Condado Real Wines

    • Tinto
    • Blanco
    • Rosado